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Faking it is No Solution


In the world of SEO, a positive review in the right place can provide a business with a real boost. Consumers make up their own minds but a favourable assessment of what a company has to offer can stimulate interest. As the online competition for customers is intense, it is unsurprising that some unethical individuals have chosen to plant fake reviews. These actions are unsavoury in moral terms and can constitute a threat to Internet reputation management.

Do You Really Need An IT Support Company?


One of the decisions that you will need to make in the life of your small business is whether or not you intend to outsource your IT and network support. Some businesses will put off making the decision for fear of paying for services that they, essentially, do not require. However, it can prove a lot more costly to have something go wrong without access to a suitable support contract; especially if you lose data and are unable to work for hours or even days on end.